Short Wedding Hairstyles

There is an opinion that only long hairstyles can look fabulous on a wedding day, as they are more feminine than short haircuts. Those who think so have not yet seen short wedding hairstyles 2012.  There are lots of gorgeous variants of hairdos for your special day.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair offer interesting choices. These can be: bob, pixie, the wedge and crop.  It goes without saying that picking the right one, you’ve got to think not so much of how stylish it is, but whether it matches with the features of your face. For example, crop, which is very short haircut, wonderfully suits ladies with strong features, it also emphasizes the eyes, so pay special attention to the makeup.
Besides all the fresh and interesting variants of short wedding hairstyles, there is one more plus in cutting your hair off. It is saving time. Think of those hours spent washing and drying and then styling! And think of the amount of shampoo and hair conditioner spent every single day! With a short haircut you save time and money.

Certainly it would be incorrect not to mention the main disadvantage of short hair. While long hair can be done in so many ways (Juliet topknot and French twist, chignon and French braid) the options of short hair are rather limited. Still, you can always find something for you. This can even be wedding hairstyles with tiara or short wedding hairstyles with veil. Moreover you always have the same choice as with long hair: whether to curl your hair or on the contrary straighten it. Straightened hair looks wonderful when you’ve got a classic bob haircut.

Besides wedding hairstyles for short hair with tiara and short wedding hairstyles with headband, there is one more way to decorate your wedding hair do. That’s short wedding hairstyles with flowers. It is surely the most romantic hairdo ever and it goes amazing with any wedding dress. For this it is necessary to add some shine to the hair and curl it. One more variant is a flower wreath. Also very beautiful and feminine. 
If you want to make your wedding hairdo yourself, start getting ready beforehand. Try different variants: wedding hairstyles for short hair with veil, wedding hairstyles for short hair with headband or short wedding hairstyles with flowers in hair. Choose the one that looks most perfect and suits you and matches with your wedding gown.

And if your wedding is yet to come, and this is your best friend, who is getting married, still check on short wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids. There can be wonderful variants (like wedding hairstyles for short hair with flowers), that will make you look fabulous and stylish.